Apple Crisp is a Boston-based Contra Dance Band, formed by father & son, Avi and Jonathan Fagan


Jonathan (piano, button accordion)

Jonathan has studied classical piano since he was seven. He discovered contra dance piano at the 2004 Saratoga Springs Dance Flurry. He found the music exciting and happy, and has had a passion for it ever since. Like other seventh grade boys, his other interests include Dungeons and Dragons, soccer, the Red Sox and hiking. His favorite recording these days is Rodney Miller's Airdance.


Avi (vibraphone, piano, piano accordion)

Avi also started playing piano when he was seven years old, but has spent most of his musical life as a self-taught jazz pianist. Avi works as a free-lance audio engineer. His other musical projects include the Kebrada Jazz Trio, and accompanying ImprovBoston. As far as he knows, he is the only vibraphonist on the contra dance scene.